Lucy's Blog - Friday 13th September

It’s the weekend, hurraaaaaaah! Super excited about this one, I can’t wait to catch up with my really close friends, I haven’t seen them in ages so it’ll be lovely!
Hope you’ve got something lovely planned too!
So, today, we were asking you to complete this sentence – it’s Friday & I feel good because….
Here’s my top 5….
Mark - We're sitting around the moon palace pool in cancun!!
Cynthia - We are on our way to Nanny's for Friday curry. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!
Angela - I am going to a wedding tomorrow and can have a lazy sunday yessssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!
Bryony - It's only 3 days til I see my boyfriend who is a Naval Officer after him being away at sea for 3 months!!
Iza - I am NOT working tomorrow!
We’re not on Saturday breakfast tomorrow, the lovely Ed & Rachel are stepping in! See you Monday from 4!
Lucy xxx