Lucy's Blog - Friday 14th June

Thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s been a long old week!

What are you up to this weekend? I’m having a proper night out in London tomorrow night & I can’t wait – bring on the Margaritas!
Today on the show, we asked you to complete this sentence –
It’s Friday & I feel good because….
I'm taking my Granddaughter for her 6th birthday to see Thriller Live with my very pregnant daughter! And my granddaughter Tabitha Rose doesn't know where she is going!!!!
We’re on our way to Kavos!! From Kayleigh and Hannah
I’m going on holiday tomorrow with my boyfriend for the first time! Nat
I'm off to see Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall! Pimms first! Kim
I've just left work to start maternity leave! First baby, so excited! Julie x
My 11 year old son Jamie is taking me to Mcdonalds for Fathers Day. Ahh bless him!! Neil
I've just spent a fab day at longleat with my gorgeous hubby Glen. Jo
It’s my birthday on Sunday. I will be half way to 70. Woo hoo! Ray
We’ll be back tomorrow from 6am for Saturday breakfast, see you then!
Lucy xxx