Lucy's Blog - Friday 15th of February

HOOOORAAAAY! It’s Friday! So, what are your plans for the weekend then? I’ve got pretty much nothing planned, although on Sunday I’ve got an early morning appointment with….Nicole Kidman! So excited, I’m lucky enough to be interviewing her for her new movie ‘Stoker’, can’t wait! She’s so beautiful!

So, on todays show, we asked you to complete this sentence…
It’s Friday and I’m feeling good because….
Sally - I have finished work for a whole 9 days,the first long week off in a year...... Fantastic....
Donna - Because I'm going skiing tomorrow to Austria! Woo hoo!
Karen - Because we are celebrating Caroline and julies birthdays in Enfield tonight woo hoo you're only 42 once.
It’s Friday and I'm happy becauseI'm on my way to StanstedAirport in readiness for my early morning flight to Lanzarote
I've just got home and my wife and kids have gone shopping without me....yay
Hannah - Because I'm having my first spray tan tonight. Here's to being a tangerine for half term!
We also had a visual ‘treat’ for you, in the shape of our air conditioning engineer ‘Handsome Dan’! JK thinks he looks like a footballer, I think he looks like a Hollywood movie star – but could you guess who his famous lookalikes are?
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Hope you have a fantastic weekend, see you tomorrow bright and early from 6am!
Lucy xxx