Lucy's Blog Friday 15th March

It’s Friiiiidaaaaaay!! How utterly exciting.

What are your weekend plans? I’ve got my little sister coming to visit, so I’m taking her to the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern & we’re also off to London Zoo. Obviously we’ll be eating cake in-between!
So, on today’s show we asked you to complete this sentence -  It’s Friday & I feel good because….
Nicola: Me & hubby moving this weekend and are soooo excited!!!!
Katie: I get to spend all day tomorrow with my best friend going shopping!
Kymberley: I’m currently up at the hospital meeting my niece for the 1st time! She was born yesterday! Welcome to the world Iris xxxx
Paula: Tomorrow I'm off to the Ideal Home Exhibition…
Barbara - I feel good because I am coming into London with my husband and brother and sister in law to see Jersey Boys tomorrow. Can't wait.
Tracey - I'm happy it’s Friday as it's my birthday tomorrow + off to Champneys with a large group of girlfriends for the weekend! Also, I’m taking my eldest daughter for her 1st spa experience.
If you get a chance tonight, or over the weekend, head to the Heart London Facebook page and have a look at my latest favourite Cat video! It involves our feline friends doing very silly things indeed, and is guaranteed to make you giggle!
See you tomorrow morning from 6am for Saturday breakfast!
Lucy xxx