Lucy's Blog - Friday 15th November

Hiya! It’s the weekend, yesssss!!! Hope you’ve got lots of lovely plans. I might go and check out the Christmas Market on the Southbank, feeling fully festive already!

So, as we always do on a Friday, today we asked you to complete this sentence….
It’s Friday and I feel good because…
.... I'm off to Egypt on Tuesday and I love my lists I am making! Jodie
Just because it’s Friday and my 30th birthday on top :-) Michaela
It's my son Jacks 18th birthday party & we're gonna have a proper knees up .... Rodney
It’s my birthday today and I'm going to the making of harry potter studios tomorrow!! So excited :) Laura.  
I’m off tomorrow, let the Christmas shopping begin! Helen  
Hope you have a lovely Friday night, we’ll see you tomorrow morning for Saturday breakfast!
Lucy xxx