Lucy's Blog - Friday 18th January

Yaaaaay, it’s Friday! It’s also Snowmageddon – have you seen all the white stuff outside? It’s EVERYWHERE!

I love snow, so much so that when I saw it this morning, I did a little dance in my Onesie then drew ‘I LOVE SNOW’ on the decking in my garden. Yep. I’m a snow freak.
Anyway, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s officially the weekend now – so we asked you to complete this sentence….
It's Friday and I'm feeling good because....
It’s nearly wine o'clock and I'm making a tasty Caribbean curry to warm us up!!! Love Emma
Karen - ...we've been on a diet - with NO alcohol - all week but tonight we're going out for a curry and a bottle of wine (or two)!
Michelle - I'm gonna have a large coffee with a sip of Baileys tonight when I get home from work x
Katy - Because I got the last tub of hot chocolate at the shop near me
Tracey - It may be snowing but still going out tonight!! Woop woop! .
Kelly - When the snow comes u can get away with being a kid and being silly!
Sandra – It’s girls nite out again tomorrow yay!
We’re back tomorrow morning from 6, and we’ll be playing Who’s On Heart, with your chance to win that whopping £125,000. Make sure you set your alarm!
Stay warm tonight!
Lucy xxx