Lucy's Blog - Friday 26th July

Hiya! It’s the weekend! Yay!

It’s also one of the most popular weekends for families to go away, and the M25 was a NIGHTMARE this evening! Hope you’re at home or on holiday relaxing with a nice glass of wine if you were stuck in it earlier!
As always on a Friday, we wanted you to complete this question…..
It’s Friday, and I feel good because….
Even though we’re stuck on the M25 travelling from Yorkshire 2 Southampton we're going on our honeymoon cruise tomorrow! from the New Mr & Mrs Guile  
Tracey - I'm cat sitting a friends 2 cats, which makes 7 cats with my 5!
Mandy - It's my hen night tonight, 80's night! Wahoo!
Lisa - I feel good because its my hen do next week and then 3 weeks until I marry the man of my dreams
Rich - It's Friday and I'm happy because I'm going to a christening and staying in a Chateaux!
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am, so set your alarm bright & early!
See you then!
Lucy xxx