Lucy's Blog - Friday 7th February

Hiya! It’s the weekend, hurrah!!

Hope you’ve got a fantastic one planned! As always on the show, today we asked you to complete this sentence….
It’s Friday and I feel good because….
Jennie - It's Friday and I feel good because I handed in my 15,000 word dissertation today and can enjoy my first study free weekend in ages!!!
Emma - I feel good because I'm listening to you while ironing my bed sheet dancing to the songs from 5 at 5 !!!!
Carole - It’s Friday and i feel good because my son is 10 tomorrow and we are going for a lovely meal with friends.
Angela - Off out to celbrate our friends birthday, woo hoo! Look out London!
Stephanie - I'm seeing the strictly tour tomorrow at the O2
Amita - En route to Paris ... For a weekend ... Can't wait to get there :-)
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am for Saturday Breakfast – don’t forget, Who’s On Heart is back from 9, with the MASSIVE amount of £49,100 to be won!
See you then,
Lucy Xxx