Lucy's Blog - Friday 8th of February

It’s Friiiiiiidaaayyyy!!! Hope you’ve got lots of exciting stuff planned for the weekend! So every Friday afternoon, we ask you to complete this sentence….

It’s Friday, and I’m feeling good because….
Nicki – I’m feeling good, its Friday, and tomorrow is my birthday.
Jo -  Just had my nails done and was sitting next to one of the Sugababes who was lovely !
Boo - I've had the day off and vegged out on the sofa all day - and it'll be all night too by the looks of it!
Sue -  Girly weekend with my daughter.....
Hannah -  I'm happy because tomorrow I get to have a lay in & breakfast in bed tomorrow with the love of my life.

Plus Will from our office is heading out on a date tonight so we asked you what you thought of his '1st date' outfit, check out all the comments and advice here and don't forget to join us on Monday to find out how he got on!
And, if you find a little bit of time over the weekend, here’s a few things for you to check out….
JK discovered a brilliant video earlier this week. It involves a baby dancing to Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ and is utterly hilarious! You’ll find it online at You’ll also find my chat with the lovely lads from Lawson there too. Find out which member is apparently a keen baker (hmm, not convinced), and they talk about Beards. Yep. Really.
We’re back tomorrow morning from 6am….see you then!
Lucy xxx