Lucy's Blog - Friday April 5th

Happy Friiiiidaaaayyyy!! Oh look, it’s the weekend already! Yay. Why can’t every week be like this one eh?

To celebrate checkout our Friday funny here, it involves very cute kids and relationship advice! plus click here to check out of favourite pic's from the week! Guaranteed to make you smile!
So, anyway on today’s show we asked you to complete this sentence –
It’s Friday & I feel good because….
Here’s what you had to say…
Flaviano - I'll have a laugh later on down the pub. I'll have a pint for you 2 as well. J
Janine - Hi JK & Lucy, can you wish my hubby Brett a happy 40th it was his birthday yesterday and a group of us are off to Archery tomorrow! Thanks x
Jacob – I can look forward to another week off school!
Debbie – Because I’m off work next week!
Emilie – I’m off to the Dentist…yay!
Stephanie – Because I’ve just got back from a 20 mile bike ride. I’m in training for the London to Brighton bike ride in June. I’m feeling good.
Jenny – I’m taking my daughter & 10 friends ice skating – wish me luck!!
Danny – We’ve decided to have a Spring BBQ in the garden! Let’s hope the weather holds out!
Hope you have a fabulous Friday evening, see you in the morning from 6!