Lucy's Blog - Monday 11th of February

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a fab weekend!

So on the show today, I had a lovely surprise for JK. You know how much he loves Crocs & Uggs right? Well, there’s a version that combines the 2. Seriously. I howled with laughter when I saw them.
Obviously I had to share them with you on our Facebook page. Here’s your thoughts on what I’m calling ‘Cruggs’….
Katy - It reminds me of a Gorillas foot......definitely a no!!
Kelly - They are awful but hilarious
Debbie - How ugly! Would anyone with any dress sense at all, wear them?!
Debbie - You are so cruel I love it ! They are bad!
Lauren - NO NO NO! It looks like a cast!
Harry - Hahaa they are horrendous! But so funny
Francess - These should be illegal!
Of course, JK loved them! I’m totally going to order some for him, just so we can all point and laugh as he struts around thinking he’s on trend….mwahahahahahahaha!!
Also on todays show, we asked you for your first date no-no’s! You came up with some absolute belters!
Never get your car locked in a car park on the first date while 50 miles away from home, sleeping in the car under coats is not very comfy…..
Range - Don't use your date to get into a party to be with someone else. …
Kim - A guy bought me a charm for my bracelet on a first date, bit creepy seeing as we'd only met at a party so he'd been clearly checking my bracelet out. Safe to say, it was a bit too much too soon, and I didn't go on another date with him!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx