Lucy's Blog - Monday 13th January

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a relatively easy Monday! So, today we were talking about the weird things our pets do, this was after I discovered that my cat, Diddy, has been stealing my ear plugs, and storing them in the strangest of places.

Even if I hide them, she sniffs them out! She even carries them around in her mouth. All very strange. Or so I thought! Turns out lots of your pets have very strange habits too, here’s some of yours….
Sharon - My cat licks the windows when they’re steamed up!
Roderick - My kitty loves bottle caps (the ones that cover sports bottles) Walks around with one in her mouth, hoards them, plays fetch with them, chases them, takes them to the litter tray, basically you name it she does it with a bottle cap.
Lisa - One steals and hides elastic bands in her tunnel. She also likes sweet wrappers or paper to be flicked so she can chase them. The other begs like a dog when we are eating dinner. Especially a Roast.
Toni - My cat dribbles, and is obsessed with crisp packets.
Lewis - My gecko licks his eyes and my snake poops on my mother!
Sarah - My cat likes jelly tots and runs off with the bag of them if you leave them were he can get them!
 Karen - My toothless house rabbit licks everything from table legs, carpet, the dog, window and us!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy Xxx