Lucy's Florida Blog - 13th May

Hello!!! How the devil are you? So, this week, we're extremely lucky to be broadcasting live from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. However, we're not just running around being silly & acting like big kids! (although there may be some of that...)

We are doing it, so you can win it! Every day this week someone will win a 7 day family holiday to Walt Disney World Resort here in Florida! Each day, JK & I will take in a different Disney experience in one of the 6 amazing parks here. Today, JK attended the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy & did the Star Wars Star Tour - if you want to hear how he got on & find out if his tiny hands can handle a light sabre, click here! Plus - check out the pics below!

The task I undertook today was an extremely scary one! Nope, it wasn't the Aerosmith Rock & Roller Coaster, nor was it the Tower Of Terror. I did the American Idol Experience! I have NEVER been so nervous! It was an incredible experience though, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It really does give you a taste of just what it's like to audition for American Idol, complete with advice from Ryan Seacrest, singing in front of actual Producers, and if you're good enough, competing in a live show in front of 1000 members of a voting audience! To find out how I got on, and what I sang, click here! You can check out the pics too below....

As it's officially Holiday Week here on the show this week, today we asked you this - What random things do you take on holiday?

Davinia: Digestive biscuits! lol i have to have a pack with me when abroad & I have no idea why! Xxx
Sue: My own pillow!
Christine: Marmite
Katie: A paint brush as it's the best way to get sand off your feet!!
Helen: CD's for the DJ round the pool so I don't have to listen to the Macarena all day.

Congratulations to Jay, who won a 7 day family holiday to Walt Disney World Resort here in Florida on today's show! Don't panic if you didn't win today, there's another 4 chances across the week! If you just can't wait until tomorrow's show, and need to know right now how to win - click here for all the details!

We'll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!

Lucy xxx

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florida ob