Lucy's Blog - Monday 15th July

Hiya! How was your weekend? I had a mega busy, but brilliant one! On Sunday, I was up super early to run Race For Life with my gorgeous Team Heart ladies in Hyde Park. All of you were amazing, and we’re all set to run it again next year right?


As soon as that was done, I raced over to the other side of Hyde Park to get ready for Heart In The Park! It really was fantastic, JK & I introduced Eliza Dolittle & J-Lo on stage, and the crowd was incredible! Personally, my favourite performance came from the awesome Chic feat. Nile Rodgers, we even got on stage with them at the end, AND Nile kept to his promise and got Simon Le Bon to sing ‘Notorious’ with him! J-Lo was genius, as was Lionel Richie! In fact, the whole line up was pretty fantastic! It was a beautiful day for it too. Whether you were there or not, head to for the all the photos, plus backstage interviews & highlights! You’ll find all the photos from Race For Life there too!

On today’s show, we were talking about us Singletons! We asked you to tell us the answer to this – What’s the first thing you did when you became single?

Adele: Celebrate!

Chelsea: I cut my shoulder length hair down to about an inch long!

Kayla: Had my hair cut short and put my nose ring back in!!

Charlene: Shaved my legs

Simone: Cancelled his sky sports!!

Sammie: I knew his password to his laptop and Facebook. So I went on and changed all his details to say he loved sheep. Deleted all his pictures and put sheep pictures up instead. To this day I still find it funny. Best revenge I've ever had! x

Elle: He cheated so I got rid of his pet Rabbit I bought for him for Easter the very next day and re-homed him with a lovely family!! He only wanted the rabbit, not house contents or deposit!! I love being single now!

Lou: When I became single I called my mum and told her I'd meet her friend's son!!

We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!

Lucy xxx