Lucy's Blog - Monday 17th June

Hiya! It’s Monday, yet again, boo! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! To make Monday a little better, we decided to ask you this –

What do you walk past, or see every day that makes you smile?
Paula - My baby's beautiful smile and flowers
Cat - The swans in the park I cross before getting to work
Lisa - I look at pictures of my niece & nephews... They never fail to put a smile on my face!!!
Kim - My dog! He is always doing daft things that make us laugh
Paula - Birds in my garden x
Susan - My cup of tea in the morning.
Vicki - My 3.5 year old daughter's face when I go to pick her up - it's lovely to see how happy she is to see me!
Sylvia - The squirrels in my garden every morning stuffing as many nuts as possible in their little fat cheeks before running off up the big trees
Karen - I drive pass a young lad dancing at the bus stop wearing his ear phones every day. He makes me smile. Even if it’s raining he’s still dancing.
Vanessa – When my Yorkshire Puddings rise!
The one thing that always makes me smile is seeing the sights of London every day on my way in to work. In particular, I love the Houses Of Parliament & Big Ben. Such a stunning landmark! I think I just feel so lucky to be here that I still can’t quite believe it, so seeing the sights of this beautiful city makes me happy!
We made Debra & Terri very happy indeed by giving them tickets to Hearts Secret Stage with Michael Buble – if you want to be as happy as them, head to the Heart Facebook page where you’ll find the latest anagram of a Michael Buble song. Unscramble it, and you could be winning tickets tomorrow morning with Jamie & Emma!
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy xxx