Lucy's Blog - Monday 21st January

Happy Monday? Apparently not so. It’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year today. Well, I’M happy. So boo you Blue Monday.

Also, surely it’s White Monday? How beautiful is London in the snow? Yeah, sure it’s causing travel chaos, but it looks sooooo pretty! I donned my snow boots & went out in it yesterday, and took lots of lovely pictures of snow. Don’t think I’ve seen this much since I was a little kid, we should embrace the snow!
On todays show, we talked about house rules. This came about after a girl from London posted a set of house rules from a place she was looking at renting. The landlord of the flat was rather, shall we say, RIDICULOUS regarding house rules. It’s actually hilarious! So we had to ask you, what are YOUR house rules?
I would ban dishwashers as i always have to wash half the stuff that comes out by hand , Terry , Orpington
My main rules I have is all visitors have to always take their shoes off even if they are new still have to take them off
My tea, coffee and sugar jars have to be in a certain order. my son thinks it's funny to re arrange them just to annoy me!!
Jess - I'd move in, invite all my friends over wreck the place then move out the next day…
Kim - If you empty a packet throw it away not leave it in the cupboard
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx