Lucy's Blog - Monday 28th October

Hiya! Well, never has the term ‘manic Monday’ been more appropriate!

Did you get caught in the eye of the storm? Wow! I’ve been in Manchester all weekend and the weather was fine up there. Then, this morning when I went to get my train back, all trains leaving Manchester and going to Euston were suspended….because of a tree on the line at Watford! Damn!! Virgin trains were FANTASTIC however, they sorted the problem in time for me, and lots of other passengers to get back to London. A cheer went through the train carriage when they announced it! Don’t you just love moments like that? Hopefully you all managed to get to work in time today!
On today’s show, we talked about what you consider to be overrated & underrated! I chose Hot Vimto as my underrated choice, because it’s AMAZING! I plumped for Offal as overrated, simply because I personally find it disgusting!
Here’s what you find Overrated & Underrated!
Lucy - Overrated.. HASHTAGGING! Underrated - Ritz biscuits with a little bit of Dairylea spread and a jalapeño on top!
Emma - Liver totally overrated.. yukky! Peanut Butter on toast totally under rated, mmmmm!
Amy - BlackBerrys are overrated and hairdressing is very underrated! People think it's easy but it's not!
Cheryl - Over rated, money. Underrated, money!
Cheyenne - Underrated..Rotary lines, my washing dried in super quick time today..... Overrated...Peanut butter, it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth and is a pain to get off.

We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm,
See you then!
Lucy xxx