Lucy's Blog - Monday 4th February

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?

I had my Dad & Stepmum come to visit me in London for the first time since I moved here. Somehow they managed to drive through London without the use of a Sat Nav. Funnily enough though, after the amount of time it took them & the panicked ‘we’re lost’ phone calls…they’re now going to invest in one. Probably a good idea! We had a lovely time though!
Our producer, Aussie Nige went to a Onesie Swapsie party this weekend for the first time. When he arrived, he was given potentially the best/worst Onesie EVER to wear…have a look at how silly he looks on the Heart London Facebook page

In the meantime, we asked you – What have you done for the first time this weekend?
Lucy - I watched my first episode of prison break this weekend watched 5 got the rest of the box set to go! x
Colleen - I had my first attempt at making chocolate, that didn't work for me!
We are trying grandparenting for the first time. Had a little granddaughter called Dolcie on Friday :0) Alison and Chris
Snow mobiling on a glacier in Iceland , awesome!
Vicki - I tried acupuncture for the first time on Sunday xx
We’ll be back tomorrow with more fun & frolics from 4. That’s a lot of ‘F’s…..
See you then!
Lucy Xxx