Lucy's Blog - Monday 4th March

Hiya! It’s Monday already?! Damn. At least it’s been a lovely sunny Monday eh?

Hope you had a splendiferous weekend, here’s what happened on today’s show…
We talked about how you are turning into your parents – this is after I caught JK doing a ‘Dad’ thing on the train the other day. He was sat reading a paper, licked his finger, and then turned the page! Definitely turning into his old man!
So, we asked you – How are you turning into your parents?
Jane - I tell my children to take their coats off indoors or they "won't feel the benefit"!
Christine - Cleaning !!! Must have picked up the obsession from my mum !!!
Billy - Being constantly irritated over minimal things.
Ainsley - Saying wait till your Dad gets home !
Connie - I use my Mums voice by accident every now and then, which is scary!!!
Jana - The other day I told my daughter "are you doing stupid things just to wind me up or what???"  - which are exactly the words my Dad used to use! I had a glass of wine afterwards!
Claire - I lick my thumb to clean my kids mouth if they have eaten while we are out, something I vowed never to do as I hated it as a kid !!!!!!!!!!!
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx