Lucy's Blog - Monday 4th October

Hiya! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! On today’s show, we were talking about the things you have to deal with when you get home!

This came about after JK got home to find a TINY Daddy Long Legs covered with a glass on his sofa, waiting to be put outside! His girlfriend, bless her, hates Spiders and couldn’t deal with getting rid of it! So, what have you had to deal with when you got home?
Here’s my top 5…..
Cheri - Came home from work to find the whole house boiling hot. My new dog managed to get in the kitchen up on the sides and turn all the cooker rings on and light them which burnt the tea towel made all my white kitchen cupboards black.
Danielle - I came home to find a live frog in my hall way! I couldn’t get it back out the front door or catch it and as it was blocking the front door i had to climb out the living room window to go and get help!
Sarah-Jayne - My daughter fell asleep after going to a party and I got home to find a perfect face paint print of a butterfly on one of my best pillows. My husband hadn't noticed so it was a little weird when I found it!
Michelle - I trapped a HUGE spider under a bowl and had to ask the estate agent who was doing viewings on my flat if he would be my hero and re house it. He did!
Gary - I was staying at my Aunts and went out for a drink with my friends. By the time I got back it was really late so I was trying to sneak in quietly. I finally got the door open and quietly closed it, only to turn around and see a face staring at me from the shadows! I got such a fright I screamed. As I screamed, the shadowy face got uglier and scarier which made my scream higher and louder until there was no more breath left! That’s when I realised it was the mirror at the bottom of the stairs!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy Xxx