Lucy's Blog - Monday 8th April

Hiya! Happy Monday to you! What a lovely, sunny Monday it’s been too! Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather at the weekend too!

So, we dubbed today’s show ‘Lost & Found Monday’, after we both found random items on trains over the weekend. To find out just what we found, head to our Facebook page!
In the meantime, we asked you – What’s the last thing you lost or found?
Sally - I lost my drawing pad over the week end, I was going insane trying to find it as I love to draw and it was under my night stand all along!
Eilish - my daughter lost her glove and it was sewn on to her coat!
Phil - I lost a tenner on the Grand National if that counts! Phil
Kim - I found 3lb in weight after two weekends away and Easter over indulgence - now I want to lose it again with the other 14lb lost to go with the 18lb I still want to lose!
Chris - I lost my pet snake and by lost I mean she escaped and is now lost in the depths of my house. Don't think your 13 steps can help me out with that!
Steph - I lost my remote for the TV last night and for the life of me I can't find it!
Molly - I lost my phone, and I still cant find it!  Lost it this morning cannot think where I’ve put it and it’s on silent!
Hayley - I lost my cardigan, my sunglasses and a necklace... luckily enough my mum had my cardi, a friend had found my sunnies and my necklace was found on the ground where I’d dropped it on Saturday!
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!

Lucy xxx