Lucy's Blog - Monday November 25th

Hiya! Hope you had a fab weekend! I had a lovely time with my best friend, she’s pregnant & bumping along nicely!

It was so nice to see her, but I reckon she passed on her ‘baby brain’ to me! I was off to see my old neighbours yesterday, and I’d baked a fresh batch of Caramel Brownies to take with me. I stopped at a supermarket to get petrol about 5 minutes into the journey and was horrified to realise I’d left the Brownies on the roof of my car! Thankfully they were still there, in the tin, in perfect condition after their ‘journey’!
So today we asked – When have you had a ‘baby brain’ moment?
Abby with 8 month old Charlie - Baby brain is definitely very real!!! What other explanation is there for me putting toothpaste in the freezer, tomato purée in the bathroom and other very random things!!!! And I don't seem to be recovering as my baby gets older!!!!
Lauren - I had baby brain today.. I left my fiances keys in the car door at 12. Only realised 5 minutes ago!! I have rushed home and my neighbour had locked the car and took the keys in for me!! I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Tears of joy and relief followed, LOVE MY NEIGHBOUR SO MUCH!!
Kirsty - Baby brain definitely exists..I say the most stupid things sometimes that don't even make sense and put things like cream cakes in the cupboards and packets in fridge! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and hoping I will become normal once she's here!
Faye - Baby brain certainly got me when I went to register my babies birth, although I could spell her name, I completely forgot how to spell my own name, good job my husband remembered.
Helen, Midwife and Health Visitor - Yes there is such a thing as baby brain as the hormones released in pregnancy are designed to prepare the woman to focus more on the needs of her baby and be a better mother therefore causing her to be a bit forgetful! Whether Lucy had it is debatable... :P
To be fair, I think Helen has a point, maybe I’m just a little bit ditzy….
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx