Lucy's Blog - Thursday 11th April

Hiya! How’s your Thursday been? I did something totally foreign to me and actually had a gym induction today. Mental. I’ve decided that if I’m doing Race For Life this year, I should at least try to run it.

Also, I wanted to tone up for the Summer, as I’m a stone heavier than usual, oooops! Too much cake & cheese! I’ll let you know how I get on, the target is to drop that stone in a month. Fingers crossed!
So, on today’s show, we talked about the little things that really bug you. For instance, JK. He’s really little & annoying. You were brilliant as always in your response. The things that bug you range from relatively normal to quirky, then to utterly bizarre!
What little things really bug you? Here’s a small selection….
Chris - Going into a room, forgetting what you went in for then remembering as soon as you have left!
Sharon - When my partner picks his toenails and hides them behind the sofa!
James - Not tucking a chair back in. It's so messy!
Gibel - Heavy breathing! Especially when it’s next to me as to feel it on my neck/face!
Julie - The noisy eating of an Apple!
John - People that lick their finger to turn a page of a book/newspaper!
Jackie - My neighbour not picking up the junk mail!!!!
Rebecca - People that leave crumbs or marmite/jam in the butter!! I don't want the remnants of your breakfast in the butter! AGH!
Danny - When I don't get my usual seat on same table in staff room at lunch.
Stephanie -  People who have been waiting for the bus and then get on and hold everything up because they don't know where their oyster card is....get it out while you are waiting!!
Anne - When my OH comes in from work, walks through the hall & lounge to the dining room, but then hangs his coat on the back of a chair!!! He's already walked through the hall where we hang them up!!! I asked him why he does it, he says it's just a habit!
Finally - This was my absolute favourite text from today’s show – mainly because it’s completely weird & mad. Love it. So, Matt from Dagenham, what little thing really bugs you?
‘SEEDLESS WATERMELONS because they are suspicious.’ – seriously, Seedless Watermelons. Just brilliant. He’s quite right you know. I don’t trust them either.
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow – see you then!
Lucy xxx