Lucy's Blog - Thursday 12th September

Hiya! So, on today’s show we were talking about how you met your Mr or Mrs Perfect

All because JK is trying to find me a boyfriend, bless him. I didn’t ask him to do this by the way. He’s very naughty. It’s kind of sweet though.
So – How did you meet your Mr or Mrs PERFECT? Here’s my top 5!
Emma -  I met mine when deleting my profile off of a dating site, he popped up we got chatting, had our first date three weeks later and 2 years, 5 months to the day of the first date we got married on the 27th of July this year!
Andy - I met my wife at work. I worked in desktop support and used to wait until she'd go home then remote into her PC and break it. I would then go into work early the next morning and wait for her to log a call so I could go and fix it. I did this 2-3 times a week for 2 months before I asked her out for lunch. We've been together 16 years now (married 14 years) and have 2 great boys.
Caroline - I met my partner via Facebook we both commented on a friends status and then carried on the conversation privately... A year and a half later we are living together and he says I've not stopped talking!!!
Renata - I met my husband in a pub 30 years ago, he asked the bar maid to buy me a drink coz he was too shy, asked if he could give me a lift home, I said I only get into decent cars like Mercedes. When I left the pub he pulled up in his Jaguar. I got in the car, but where he was so nervous he was fiddling with his gear stick, it came off in his hand…!!
Suzannah – I met my other half through my best friend who was besotted with this guy at uni... she used to write poems, love notes and make cartons to give to me to give him almost everyday for a number of months... clearly I got to know him really well and she missed out...
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx