Lucy's Blog - Thursday 14th of February

Happy Valentines Day!! Hope you’ve had a lovely day, whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not! I’ve made up for my lack of significant other by eating Cake. Lots of it. Yum.

On the show today, we talked about the reason men panic buy on Valentines Day. You know, when they turn up with a bunch of flowers from the service station on the way home?
JK & Nige reckon they know why. (and they should, considering they’re men!) These are your thoughts on the subject….
Karran - Guys panic and go to petrol stations to make what they've got their other halves MORE than their mates have got theirs - cos U guys boast about what you've done/got therefore making friends feel guilty & make them spend more than U actually did
Jonathan - Coz they forgot and were only reminded at work - quick, better get something on the way home
Rachel - Ok... is it cos they suddenly realize that someone else in the world may have realized just how wonderful their partner is and shown them in a secret way so they panic and mark there ground with a last minute buy??
Ella - Some people don't need a day defined to shower their partners with gifts and be soppy - you love them for life not just for a day.
And getting JK & Nige’s theory correct….well done James!
James - Because women say they don't want anything but its a trap!!
Spot on. It’s up there with the ‘Are you ok?’ scenario. You know, when women always say ‘I’m fine’?
Also on the show today, we had a guest. It was Hollywood megastar Antonio Banderas! If you missed our chat with him, check it out online at He was BRILLIANT.
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm……see you then!
Lucy xxx