Lucy's Blog - Thursday 16th January

Hiya! So, this is what we were talking about on today’s show - we wanted to know when Technology has got in the way of your relationship.

Has an X-box resulted in an EX? Did you almost call time on your other half because of a Tablet? Or has an obsession with Apps left you less than 'Appy? Apologies for the bad puns. They’re rubbish I know!
Here’s what you had to say on the subject…..
Shelley - My husbands I-phone... I hate it with a passion. What did people do before technology ?? Had good old conversations with each other.
Sharon - My ex husband always had his head stuck in the box which wouldn't have been as bad if it wasn't star trek 7 days a week!
Julie - I was a PS and Wii widow, I am now a Nexus widow. Aaaargh!
Laura - Having a go at each other when your other half hasn’t given you a life or ticket on candy crush....tragedy
We’re back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx