Lucy's Blog - Thursday 17th January

Hiya! How your Thursday been? Good? Good. :)

On today's show, we had a wildlife theme. This is all because JK is obsessed with the David Attenborough show ‘Africa’ at the moment. So, we asked you for your wildlife encounters, and as always, you had some brilliant ones! Here’s a selection of the best!

Paul - I was swimming in the sea in Antigua about 6 years ago and a fish bit my nipple 3 times.

Kirsty - I don't like squirrels they just look weird, but i had to laugh when i saw one steal a ladies phone from her bag whilst she was talking to her son!

Karen - My fav encounter was when i swam with manatees in crystal river in Florida in November. Then to make it perfect the next day my fiancé proposed!

And this one is brilliant too - 'as a dog groomer I have had many battles but the best is the dog with an Ugg boot fetish!' - JK totally appreciated this one.

Also JK's friend sent us a picture of her hijacked bedroom, check out the picture here and let us know if it happens at your place!
Plus, if you've ever wondered what animals the Heart presenters would be, (don't deny it, you know you have…errr..), then JK London-borough has all the answers for you. We're not entirely sure Roberto was happy with being a Rabbit. If you have no idea what I'm talking about – have a listen below....

See you tomorrow from 4pm….it's Feel Good Friday….hurrah for that! :)

Lucy xxx

JK's - Heart Wildlife Part 1

jk's - Heart Wildlife Part 2