Lucy's Blog - Thursday 18th April

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a lovely Thursday & fully enjoyed the sunshine too!

On today’s show we were asking you about your weird pets. What’s the strangest thing your pet has done?
Helena - My cat is obsessed with my next door neighbour and sneaks into his house whenever possible. The attached photo shows her foot prints under his landing window. She sleeps on his car (no one else's) and on his doorstep.
Neil - My Mums dog always used to howl at the theme tunes to all the soaps and everyday when the ice cream man pulled up outside playing his jingle!
Alex - My cat sits on my shoulder like a parrot!
Kaz - Loving the show. My budgie actually says " chirp chirp" I'm teaching him to say "miaow miaow " but he can't seem to get his beak round the consonant!
Stacey - My cat days hello it sounds like a child saying it and the 1st time I heard it I was home alone and thought someone else's was in the house
Fred - My dog put my Grandmothers false teeth in her mouth. It was rather amusing as she looked like she had a massive grin on her face!
Janine - Our kitten loves hair bands and makeup brushes. She's learned to open drawers so that she can steal her loot. She appears out of nowhere and jumps up on the basin when she hears the vanity mirror being opened because she knows there are hair bands in it ;-). She's a beast!
Zara - I have a tabby cat, she is 4 months old. Looks like she is more of a dog than a cat - she plays fetch with a ball, and can carry on for hours! She'll also bite your toes if you're not paying attention to her.
Sarah - My cat Tigger gets in the shower & bath with me.
As always, you were just brilliant, thank you so much! We’ll be back tomorrow from 4, and guess what…..IT’S FRIDAAAAAAY!! (although I guess you knew that already, right?)
See you tomorrow!
Lucy xxx