Lucy's Blog Thursday 21st March

Hiya! It’s nearly the weekend, yay!

So, on today’s show, we spoke to JK’s lovely girlfriend Charlie. She claimed to have seen a Chipmunk run out in front of her car the other day, causing her to do an emergency stop! JK rubbished her claims, saying she’d merely seen a Stoat! So, we put it to you. What have you see that you weren’t expecting to see? Here’s what you had to say….
Carole - Man driving car in front blowing a trumpet.
Darren - Last year I was eating a bag of chips & out of nowhere a Squirrel jumped out at me! Next thing I know my chips are on the pavement and he’s eating them!
Leigh - Hi JK and Lucy, I once saw an angry badger chasing a man on a push bike!
Amy - I was out by my front door, Thursday last week, it was about 10pm and I saw superwoman run pass my house!
Joanna: Sunshine?!
Kim: I once drove round a corner in a country lane straight into a dining table complete with 4 chairs. I wasn't going that fast so no damage to car. Table was a write off though.
Peter: A fox, in broad daylight! It was scary because he wouldn't even budge out of the way for me, just kept staring and daring me to come closer!
Ray: My boss buying lunch
Fran: My chicken laid her first blue egg…
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx