Lucy's Blog - Thursday 22nd August

Hiya! Nearly the Bank Holiday weekend, hurrah! On today’s show we were asking you to complete this sentence – I hate it when…

For example, I hate it when you bite into an Apple and it’s soft!! Nooooooo! So….
Complete this sentence – I hate it when….
David - I hate it when I dunk my biscuit in my tea & half of it breaks off and floats or plunges to the bottom!
Jo - I hate it when I go to the loo and then my kids decide they need me for something! They could have ignored me all day and then the second I go to the bathroom they are all banging on the door.
Carol - I hate it when I am sat on the bus and the person sitting next to me decides to apply their make up. Why don't they get up earlier and put their make up on before they leave home. Especially when I spend the best part of my journey with their elbow stuck in my face. Soooooo annoying!
Barry - I hate in when ...... I look in the mirror and see it’s time to go to the gym!
Jade - I hate it when you tell a patient the next available appointment is such and such and they still ask "don't you have anything sooner? Grrr…
John - When you go to use a cubicle in the loo, it's vacant, but open the door and someone is in there!
Steph - I hate it when I've just put my mascara on and I suddenly sneeze.. The mascara ends up under my eyes as well as on my eyelashes!!!
Debbie - I hate it when people forget their manners and don't say 'please' & 'thank you'.
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx