Lucy's Blog - Thursday 24th January

Hellooooo! Hope you’ve had a brilliant Thursday! So close to the weekend now, hurrah!

If you head to the Heart Facebook page, you’ll see a picture of one of my Cats. I have 4. A ridiculous amount I know. Her name is Princess, she moults everywhere, constantly seeks attention, is very noisy, and eats A LOT. Which, according to JK, is apparently like me. Are you just like your pet? Go and add your thoughts about my Cat, and whether you’re like your pet, right here….
So on todays show, we talked about overheard conversations. This was after JK over heard a Northern lass chatting to her Dad on his commute home last night. The general gist of the conversation was that the tenants living in her Dad’s house had clearly done something he wasn’t happy about. However, it was something he couldn’t do anything about. Hmmmmm. (if you missed it have a listen below)  So, we asked what you thought it could be? Just what had the tenants done to put this ladies Dad in a right mood?
I think they’ve had a Sky TV dish put on front of house. Ashley
Is it that they want to put up a dance pole & indoor jacuzzi! From Michelle leatherhead x
The phone call - could it be the tenants want to run a business from home? Tony
Is it getting a Hamster? Jen
Having a Pond installed in the back garden? Amy
We’re back tomorrow from 4 – see you then!
Lucy xxx

JK's Over heard commuter conversation