Lucy's Blog - Thursday 24th October

Hiya! So, on today’s show, JK decided he was going to be my ‘Love Coach’.

Yep. I KNOW. If Barry White was the ‘Walrus of Love’, that makes little JK the Baby Seal. He says he wants me to find love, despite the fact I’m not particularly looking for it!
I told him the only way I’d let him do this was if YOU recommended someone you knew who happened to be single. That’s because you have my trust far more than he does. Bless him, he tries, but your judgement is far better! Thank you to Mel, who sent this lovely text….
I met my partner online. Met in public place. All safe. I knew straight away he was "the one". Don’t be scared. It worked for me and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. From Mel
Stacey also met her partner online….
I met my other half online and we've been together nearly 11 months and planning out wedding, Before I met him I was going on 2 dates a week and it was great fun. Stacey
The problem is, I’m just scared! The whole thought of dating scares me. Believe it or not, sometimes I’m actually quite shy, and there’s been a few times in the last year where I’ve literally made excuses NOT to go on dates because it just all feels, well, a little awkward!
Anyway, we’ll see how JK gets on with being my ‘Love Coach’! To be continued….
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy xxx