Lucy's Blog - Thursday 25th July

Hiya! How quickly has this week flown by? Can’t believe it’s nearly the weekend already!

So, our lovely British summer continued today, with another beautiful sunny day! It’s almost like the Summers we had when we were at school! It also means that us Brits, who aren’t used to such tropical temperatures, feel all out of sorts, and we panic. By purchasing EVERYTHING that cools us down, in bulk! Panic buying is something we’re rather good at, and boy have we been doing A LOT of it lately. I mean, why have 1 Paddling Pool, when you can have 10? It’s not just items previously easy to track down or buy that are affected though, we’re also experiencing shortages in other ways too….
So, we wanted to know – What are YOUR Summer Shortages?
Caroline - Shortage of sleep, too hot at night!
Cat - There's a shortage on men WITH their tops on. Men on the tube without their top? No thanks!
Leanne - Swingball shortage! Finally found one in John Lewis, but it hasn't been delivered yet!
Corinna - Coke zero. Tesco has either very little or none.

Amanda - Children's summer clothes as all the shops have is winter stuff so stupid x

Ann - Paddling pools....tried to reserve the last one in Argos the other night and the website crashed and the pool was sold in the few minutes that the website took to return!

Carla -  Afan! Can’t get one anywhere, all out of stock!

Lisa - Energy.

Mel - Disposable barbecues!

Alex - Mankinis!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then, ready for the weekend! WOOOOO!
Lucy xxx