Lucy's Blog - Thursday 28th November

Hiya! So, today, we were talking about embarrassing injuries on the show!

 This is because I did something HIGHLY embarrassing the other night. I was hungry, (standard), and decided to try and get Chips & Curry Sauce from the Chippy before it closed. So I ran there. In my heels. As I approached the Chippy I massively stacked it and twisted my ankle! Hugely embarrassing. Still got my Chips though. I may have been wincing in pain as I ate them, but it was worth it. Anything for food!
So – When have you injured yourself in an embarrassing or pathetic way?
Ali - I fell down a manhole. Shall I just leave it at that?
Simon - When I was 10, I zipped my eye lid and eye brow up in my coat, and had to have the doctors cut the coat off of my face. Still makes people laugh to this day!
Kel - Worked in a gym and was running on the treadmill, Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ came on. Forgot what I was doing and tried to walk off treadmill to turn up radio. Needless to say I was thrown off the machine like a rag doll! 13 years and still won't go on them evil machines!
Cat - At the age of 14 I was trying to put lip balm on my then boyfriend who didn't want to wear it! I wasn't looking where I was going and I walked into a lamppost and broke my nose!
Jessica - I was in Ibiza on a girls holiday , a bit self conscious as all my mates were skinny, we’re on the beach with a group of lads behind us, trying to avoid them seeing my fat bum I legged it into the sea, belly flopped into a rock and had to pretend I wasn't injured! When I casually walked out I was bleeding all down my legs , of course everyone was staring and all I was worried about was my fat white bum, oh and my streaky fake tan, attractive!!
Thank you so much for all your stories, we’ve had A LOT of belly laughs from you today!
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx