Lucy's Blog - Thursday 30th May

Hiya! How on earth is it Thursday ALREADY? I love a Bank Holiday short week!

On today’s show we were talking about the Olympics. Apparently there’s 3 sports competing (no pun intended) to be chosen as an official Olympic sport at the next Games. It’s between Squash, Baseball & Wrestling. We decided however, that it’d be more fun if a Childhood game was chosen as an Olympic sport! I suggested the Sack Race & JK plumped for Kiss Chase, obviously!
You were brilliant, as always! Here’s just a few of the ideas you came up with….
Julia - Space Hopper race!!
Julie - Egg & Spoon Race BUT don't boil the eggs, leave them raw, so when they drop them, the athletes get covered in goo!  
Amy - Stuck in the mud!!!
Kate - Welly Wanging!!
Kim – Rounders. I used to love it!
Mandy - Leap frog
Paula - I have 3 games for the Olympics. They are the 3 legged race, wheelbarrow race & British bulldog!
Mary - Squeek Piggy Squeek - great audience participation!
Dave - Buck-a- roo, but with a 30 foot high horse!
Yasmin – Thumb Wars!
I think the Space Hopper race is my favourite. It’d be amazing! In fact, can you buy adult sized Space Hoppers? I just want one anyway. Might hop into work on it. Forget Boris Bikes, buses & trains, it’s all about the Space Hopper!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx