Lucy's Blog - Thursday 31st January

Hello! Happy Thursday! Nearly the weekend, hurrah! Hope you’re having a fab week so far.

On todays show, we talked about embarrassing yourself. This was after JK turned into Dr JK, and decided to try and help out the lovely Nick Snaith with his embarrassing body issue. We even filmed it. To find out what we’re talking about, have a look at here
Of course, we had to ask you when you last embarrassed yourself, and what did you do? You did us proud, here’s some of your amazing embarrassment stories!
Louise - I have a cold. Thought I was blowing my nose on a tissue outside the school playground and had pulled a dog sack out of my pocket and am blowing my nose on it! It was a clean and unused dog sack! Got blocked ears so did not hear it rustle, really thought it was my tissue!
Jackie – I just picked up my new glasses from Specsavers. Was leaving the shop and BANG I walked straight into the door, glass door, I thought it was open !
Gary -When my ringtone (gangnam style) goes off in a lift or somewhere equally quiet... Dammit.
Becky - I last embarrassed myself a few hours ago, singing ‘Unbreak My Heart’ in my PJs at the top of my voice when the postman knocked on the door with my mail!
Diane -  I went upstairs for a shower and got undressed in my room, came out completely naked and noticed something bright in my daughters room so i went to take a look and was horrified that she had left her ipad on facetime and her friend could see me in all my glory! It was a girl so could have been worse!
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, and guess what….it’s FRIIIIIDAY!! But you already knew that, right?
See you then!
Lucy xxx