Lucy's Blog - Thursday 4th April

Hiya, It’s nearly the weekend already, hurrah!!

On today’s show we continued Family Week by asking you for the stories that your parents always tell to embarrass you – here’s some of the best!!
When I was about 4, my Mum took me to some public loos in the height of summer. It was packed in there. Went in the cubicle with her and at the top of my voice I shouted, "Mum, is that the hole I came out of?" Gemma
I introduced my boyfriend to my dad and he said which one are you? I was so embarrassed!
When I was 5 we had a family trip to the cinema and I Sat on my dads knee. All was well until I was sick all over the lady sitting in front of me! Needless to say we left in a hurry with the manager calming the poor lady. My brother now aged 50 still hasn't seen the film all the way through! Lizzie
My daughter Charlotte fell down the stairs ... From the moment she left the top she cried out Caaaalpol all the way down! .. Aged 4 .. Angie
Davinia: Feeding the ducks when i was 5 & forgetting to let go of the bread & rolling head over heels in the pond with the ducks! they say its a blonde thing
Amber:  When I went to school with no knickers on and they found out as we had PE! Mum had to bring me some round to school!!
We’ll be back tomorrow, when we’ll be asking you to complete this sentence – ‘It’s Friday, and I feel good because…..’
See you from 4!
Lucy xxx