Lucy's Blog - Thursday 5th December

Hiya! Hope you’ve battened down the hatches and are ready to ride this storm that we’re apparently getting tonight! I’ll be staying indoors, that’s for sure!

On today’s show, we were talking about the random rules you have in relationships!
For example, our producer Aussie Nige has a Sofa Swap rule with his other half. They’re not individually allowed to use the same sofa for too long at any one time in case they hog it!

What random rules do you have in your relationship?
Darren - We take it in turns with the 'good' fluffy pillow for two weeks at a time.
Trish - I have the tv remote from 7pm til 9pm to watch the soaps then he has it x
Aaron - First one in the house makes the tea
Maureen - When me and my partner have words. He takes the bed while I have the quilt and pillows.
Adam - Whoever replaces the toilet roll must put the dangly bit away from the wall.
Thank you as always for all of your brilliant texts and Facebook comments! We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx