Lucy's Blog - Thursday 5th September

Hiya! It’s SO nearly the weekend, yes! And we’ve had glorious weather ALL week

It looks like today was the last day of this beautiful sunshine though, so we celebrated our wonderful summer today by asking this –
How are you celebrating the gorgeous sunshine today? Here’s my top 5!

Maxine - Riding my beautiful horse

Emma - Icepoles after school! thank u for the best 3 hrs after school run every day!

Karen - In my garden in my Bikini having my hair done.
Lynne - With my Bestest friend who I haven't seen for 4 weeks!!! Have not stopped talking all day!!!!

Sally - Sitting in the garden with my beautiful black lop eared rabbit called Ozzy!... happy sunny day!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx