Lucy's Blog - Thursday 7th November

Hiya! So, today we were talking about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’, after I put on my favourite boots yesterday and the zip BROKE!! I’ve had them for over 5 years & they’re my absolute favourites! Devastated!

I was so upset about the zip breaking that I actually cried. Pathetic I know….
So, today we asked you – When has a wardrobe malfunction nearly made you cry?
Becky - I once tried a vintage 1950s dress on and broke the zip! I popped it back on the rail and walked out!!
Kymbo - Totally with Lucy, it’s happened to me twice this week. Firstly my biker jacket, my faithful from H & M, I've had to cave in  & chuck it as it’s falling apart! Then, a recent purchase worn twice. Ironed yesterday morning and burnt a massive hole in it! I was so angry I threw it down the stairs!!!
Cheryl – I went out dressed to impress. Sat down & side of dress split. Fashioned my bag to cover it but as I walked across dance floor the strap broke!
There might still be hope for my beloved, battered old boots though….
Nichola – Lucy, I cried for the same reason last year and my mum took boots to cobbler who replaced the zip, boots good as new. You'll still need some retail therapy to get over the shock though.
Thank you Nichola! I’m going to take them to ‘shoe hospital’ tomorrow! Fingers crossed!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, with more chances for you to be at our intimate gig with Robbie Williams by playing ‘Roll For Robbie’!
See you then,
Lucy xxx