Lucy's Blog - Thursday 8th August

Hiya! Can’t believe it’s so close to the weekend already! Hurrah!

On the show today, we talked about random acts of kindness! When was the last time you did a good deed or helped a stranger?
Here’s some of your good deeds….
Martine - I'm doing good deed for a friend now, making a cake for her 50th. Was the person playing with the dog steve backshall?
Zoe – I was in Primark with my fiance in Brighton and I saw this little boy at the bottom of the escalator and his Mum was at the top telling him to come up. He was too scared so I offered him my hand to help him up to his Mum and she thanked me!
My lovely mum has done a good thing today by helping me move house even though we're stuck in heaps of traffic! Good job we have chocolate cookies!
Julia - A lady didn't have enough change for parking and was almost inside her bag trying to find bits! I asked her how much she was short by, which was 50p. So I paid it. I'm just hoping she bumps into me when I'm short!!
Anita - I helped a lady 23rd july....I was on holiday in devon with my family and we went to crealy theme park and this lady was really scared of a indoor death slide she didn't want to whimp out in front of her children so I held her hand and went down with her.
Lee - I changed the tyre for a mum stuck on the side of the road with her 2 children a few months ago.
Maxine - I helped a man who had slipped on ice.
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx