Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 10th December

Hiya! On today’s show, we were talking about what it’s like being a pet owner at Christmas.

This was after I was kept up last night by the sound of my Cats whacking the Baubles off my Christmas Tree! Naughty little sausages. So, we wanted to ask you….
Have you had any Christmas CATastrophes?
Maybe you’ve been subject to a Decorative DOGaster? (sorry, that’s the best we could do…)
So – Pets & Christmas, are they really a good combination?  
Lee - 2 years ago we got a brand new tree and our 2 kittens decided to use the branches as springboards to jump on each other .... We had the tree up for 3 days and they broke 4 branches!
Cheyenne - We Cat proofed our dec's this year. Last year the Cat ate anything that sparkled, including the tinsel. The vet bill was not a nice Christmas present. So now, everything is made of paper.
Sharon - We had a lovely dog called Samson, he loved the Christmas Crackers, and would sit with his big fat jowls stuck on the table until it was time for them to be pulled. We would have to let him have a paper hat, he just loved them! He also stole half a leg of lamb from the table, that had been carved ready for the family to eat!!
Kayleigh - No!! Even though my dog is reasonably good, he is now starting to lay there and rip at the wrapping paper in front of you!! The funny thing is that he wouldn’t touch it if no one was in... think he’s a bit off an attention seeker!

Jenna - Our dog kept opening all the presents and I had to keep rewrapping them so now the presents don't come out until Christmas eve night. Plus our cat loves climbing the tree!
There were SO many brilliant stories from you today, we were in stitches! We’ve even got a hilarious picture gallery on the Heart Facebook page, featuring your pets in festively precarious positions! If you want a chuckle tonight, go and have a look here!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx