Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 12th November

Hiya! Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Hunger Games – Catching Fire premiere in Leicester Square. The only catch was, just to get into the cinema, we HAD to walk down the red carpet!

It was soaking wet, and I was wearing the heels that I always fall over in! I had a little panic, worrying that I’d massively stack it in front of EVERYONE! Thankfully I didn’t, I just walked very gingerly into the cinema, watching every step!
So, today we asked you – What makes you panic?
Here’s my top 5…..
Donna - Yesterday I nearly lost my house keys. Couldn’t find them anywhere, was nearly late for work & I ended up tipping my bag out, only to find them at the bottom of my bag!
Sara - Being 33 weeks pregnant with first baby! The thought of labour makes me panic a little! That life will depend on me after that eeeeek !!
Caroline - I was almost out of petrol last week and when I got to the petrol station there was no fuel. Panicked as I wasn't sure if I could get down the road to the next one!! (I did make it)
Lorraine - The great big hairy brute of a Spider that lives in our shed, he's that big! I'm sure he sits there waiting for a fight when we go in, well when I send the hubby in, we've named him Hulk!
Amanda - When I'm out and my Oyster card credit is low and there is NO SHOP to top up, i panic if i can get home or not.....
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then! Hope you have a fab evening!
Lucy xxx