Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 13th of February

Hiya! How’s your Shrove Tuesday been? Pancakes all round? I missed out, the canteen here at work ran out! Damn.

On todays show, we talked about Bathroom Etiquette. This came about after JK told us he was concerned about something he does in the bathroom that really annoys his girlfriend Charlie. We asked you to tell us what you thought it was….
Lynn - Trimming Nasal hair !
Laura – Waxing his chest? Laura
Mark - JK, is it the fear of being caught trying a wig on!!!!!
It was none of the above. In fact, JK panics that he doesn’t collect up all of his ‘whiskers’ from shaving and that his girlfriend will get cross with him if she finds them! Bless him.
This led us to ask you about the most annoying things your other half does in the bathroom, what really gets on your nerves?
Lauren - Squeezing toothpaste from the middle AND empty things not in the bin, eg loo roll, shampoo, shower gel, etc etc!!!! Urgh!!!
My husband uses the last of the toilet roll and doesn't replace it then u get up in the night to no toilet roll
Helen - When I'm in the bath and he comes in and uses the loo!!!!
Kelly - Had an ex that use to cut his toe nails in the bath that were then too BIG to go down the plughole!!! Yuk!
Tomorrow we’ll be talking about Kitchen Etiquette! See you from 4!
Lucy xxx