Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 15th January

Good evening! How’s your week going so far? All good? Excellent.

So, on todays show we talked about the last time you had an ‘Aaaargh Noooo!’ moment. My last one was when I realised I’d completely forgotten to post my Dad’s birthday card, and I’d been walking around with it still in my handbag – aaaaaargh no!! Here’s some of yours….
Mark - Just spent three days building a shed sort of thing for my sailing dinghy to find it doesn't fit, GRRRR made it 10cm too short :@
Hayley - Just now, in the middle of cooking and the gas runs out!!! Grrrr
Evey - Getting a new debit card on Monday... Losing new debit card on Tuesday
Davinia - Yesterday morning on school run, got to school & realised I'd forgotten my little girls packed lunch!
This one is observationally BRILLIANT - Watching someone type with one finger when they have 7 other fingers & 2 thumbs.
We also played another round of celebrity top trumps – today Carol told us about the time she helped Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding when her bank card got swallowed up by the cash point!
See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy xxx