Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 25th June

Hiya! Hope your Tuesday’s been fabulous, the weather made it good for me, finally some sunshine!!

On today’s show, we decided to be a bit random and asked you to answer this question….
Are you worried about being judged about what’s on your washing line, and what’s on it?
Vicky - My washing line is full of nappies and I'm proud to show them off - especially the special ones!
Julie - I used to be an Ann Summers party planner. I used to wash the demo kit and hang everything on the line.
Linda - Something I couldn't hang on the washing line was my daughters skimpy knickers, there wasn't enough material to fit under a peg!!! The tag had more material in it than the actual garment!!
Sue - I'm 46 and have just bought my 1st ever washing line. A wall mounted rotary line. Haven't got any pegs yet though.
Tracey - My neighbour hangs her hair extensions on the line!
Andy - My big fluffy teddy bear slippers my kids got me.....
Caroline - My Dad used put carrier bags on his line to keep the birds away from his lovely fish pond! Oh boy, the things Dad’s do!
Mel - My underwear! The Goat next door always eats them, but nothing else!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx