Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 28th May

Hiya! How was your Bank Holiday weekend?

Hope you had an amazing one! On today’s show we talked about the names you give your cars…. This is all because JK has a massive issue with the fact I’ve called my Mini, Matilda! In his eyes, cars are just, and I quote - ‘a big lump of metal’. So, as always, we thought it was best to ask you for your thoughts!
It turns out, most of you DO name your cars….
Steve - VW camper born in 1977 and named Pixie.
Lucinda - I've had Penny Peugeot, Polly Polo and now I have Izzy Ibiza! Nothing wrong with naming your car :) It's definitely a girl thing though I think.
Kerry - Timmy Toyota! Previously had Freddie Fiat, Reggie Rover, Spooky Suzuki and Eric the Escort.
Jo - Mine's Harrison and my best friend's is Betty... they're both Fords! We revel in our madness! #notashamed!
I have a Peugeot 106 called Phil. His left wing mirror is hanging off, but he is still a legend!
We also talked about the one sound you don’t want to hear in this weather. It’s not the sound of muddy water sloshing up against your white trouser clad leg from a passing bus. It’s not the squelch of a puddle that runs between your toes like a dirty river as you suddenly realise there’s a hole in your shoe. It’s not even the sound of your dogs coat as he merrily shakes off an entire lake of water all over your cream sofa after a rainy walk! To find out what it is, head to our Facebook page….
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Oh – and stay dry! It’s ‘orrible out there!
Lucy xxx