Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 2nd April

Hiya! Welcome to Tuesday! How was your Easter? Did you stuff yourself silly with lots of chocolate? I do hope so!

This week on the show, it’s ‘Family Week’, so today we talked about Sibling Rivalry. As always you had some cracking stories, here’s some of them…
Natalie – I want to say sorry to my sister! I made her go into a thorn bush when she was young to retrieve a tennis ball. I couldn't be bothered to do it. Love ya sis!
Donna - My brother handcuffed me to the gate once which resulted in me lifting it off it's hinges trying to get free!
Petra - When I was young I was always jealous of my sister who is much older than me. When she was out I’d sneak into her room and find all her old birthday cards, scribble out her name and replace it with mine. I also scribbled drawings all over her school books! I don’t know why I did those things, I was evil to her. Sorry sis, love you!
Lisa - When my sister Christina & I used to fight, she used to brush our dogs teeth with my toothbrush! She only told me this a few years ago, up until then I was none the wiser!
My sisters use to Sellotape my toys to the celling because I wouldn't share them.. They still tape things to my celling now!
When we were young I fed my sisters horse mars bars before she went into the ring show jumping. Horse got a sugar rush and bolted from the ring and tore off across the field with her! Felt a little bit guilty!!!  
We’ll continue Family Week tomorrow by asking you about your lovely Grandparents! We want you to complete this sentence… ‘Grandparents are great because…..’
See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy xxx