Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 3rd December

Hiya! We’ve got our Christmas Party tonight, so we wanted to ask for you help in putting together the perfect office Christmas party!

So, according to you, what are the essentials (apart from booze & food, obviously), for the Christmas do? Here’s some of your thoughts….
Sharon - Secret Santa and your boss to dress up as Santa to give them out!
Michelle - The bosses tie - always ends up round the heads of the team!!!
Debbie - The boss to pick up the tab
Annette - Photo copier and anti bacterial spray!
Steveo - Scandal and gossip. Something to talk about tomorrow!
We’ll be back fro 4pm tomorrow, I’ll probably have a sore head, JK probably won’t. He’s got quite sensible in his old age bless him. Promise I won’t get all unruly with the photocopier.
See you from 4pm tomorrow!
Lucy xxx