Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 3rd September

Hiya! Remember how amazing school was when you were little? I loved primary school in particular. Back then, eating Pink Custard on a Wednesday was perfectly normal.

It was totally acceptable to wear your favourite Bridesmaids dress on a Non-uniform day, and I absolutely loved going round to my friends for dinner after school. Especially when you got Turkey Burgers, Chips & Beans! Never got that at home!
Remember when picking up a brick from the bottom of the swimming pool & swimming in your pyjamas made you feel like a Superhero? And just HOW exciting was it when the Christmas Card postbox was emptied and you got loads of cards?! School when we were kids was brilliant.
So – how about you? We asked you to complete this sentence – When I was a kid, School was great because….
Here’s my top 5….
Dorothy - The milk was always warm and the straws made out OF paper so they got soggy! And you couldn’t drink the milk unless you sucked really hard !!
Charlotte - I knew that it was only 6 or 7 weeks till the next holiday!

Carol - You could play kiss chase!

Georgie - I got to use all my different stationery (had a really weird obsession as a kid!) Especially loved back-to-school when everything was new!

Lorraine - When it was winter the sloped path in school was super icy and we spent playtime sliding down it!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then! I’m off to play kiss chase…..
Lucy xxx